We advise in all aspects related to tunnel safety, external safety, inside and ambient air quality and tunnel installations. We also advise in planning roads including tunnels regarding aspects as traffic handling, safety, air quality, noise and urban development.


Communication in this matter is essential! We communicate all technical aspects in a clear and transparent manner and our goal is to create high quality constructions where tunnelsafety is our main concern for your project.


Our specialties are tunnel ventilation and tunnel illumination which are highly valued as well as nationaly as internationally.
We are member of several national and international committees on tunnel safety, tunnelventilation and tunnellighting.


Tunnel Safety Consults teaches at colleges and universities.

Tunnelsafety can be defined as:
1. The prevention of potential causes of dangerous situations in tunnel structures.
2. The protection against potential dangerous situations in tunnel structures.

Closed Structures

Tunnels are closed structures. That’s why the consequences of a potential dangerous situation will be bigger than in open air. For example in case of a fire there are limited escape routes and emergency services are having more difficulty to reach the victims and fire source(s).

Environmental Aspects

Not only people but also the environment in the tunnel surroundings need to be protected against hazardous gasses or acid fluids which accompanies fires. In the sense of air pollution an acceptable ambient air quality must be assured for people in the surroundings of tunnel portals.

Increasing Attention

Tunnelsafety is receiving increased attention due to the experience of tunnel accidents with large consequences.


Tunnelconstructions have to meet with legislation, terms and demands. Because several fields of profession are involved, it is inevitable that all parties must be controlled and managed in order to form a well-oiled-machine. For instance:
• Civil Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Maintenance
• Safety Organizations
All of these have to be fine tuned in the (pre)designphase, the productionphase and during tunneloperation.